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Events Meeting in the Dry

Rather fortuitously it has rained all day here in Bath so the events meeting we had scheduled came at the right time. These meetings are held at least once a year to discuss what events

As you can see everyone is happy to stay in the dry.

worked and which ones we need to drop. Plus we also decide what might be good to try out next year. As it is going to be Olympic year sporting events came up a lot, so we are looking at running and cycling as being a possibility. Other things on the cards are Children’s Theatre, Apple Day, Queens Birthday Tea, Story Telling, Comedy, Kite Making, Garden Lighting…………The list goes on, stay tuned and find out what we choose to keep you entertained next year.


Hootsuite and Getting Social Online

Today I’ve been busy ‘geekily’ trying out Hootsuite for updating our (relatively new) Twitter feed, Facebook page and this blog… Nail biting stuff!

Since establishing them in July we have so far reached 137 ‘followers’ on Twitter and 25 ‘likes’ on Facebook which isn’t bad for a comparatively small and lesser visited National Trust property, albeit one sited on the outskirts of Bath. The Garden’s green transport policy (with no space for an on-site car park) combined with the long uphill climb up to our entrance on Ralph Allen Drive, can pose a bit of a challenge!

Twitter feed for Prior Park and Bath's NT places

Facebook - 25 'likes' and counting!

Whilst the figures for people taking an interest in our online presence may seem small, they are not a concern. We want to use them to help engage and involve the public, visitors and local community in the National Trust’s work in Bath: Bringing to life Prior Park Landscape Garden, getting outdoors on the Skyline Walk and experiencing the Assembly Rooms (managed by Bath & North East Somerset’s Heritage Services Dept.).

Follower numbers, however small, mean this is slowly starting to happen. An interaction with our Bath places, even indirectly via our new online presence, all help them to have a greater relevance in modern life. Having just read this post is hopefully indicative of this.

For us the mission is to widen the scope and possibilities for this interaction by involvement and encouraging visitors to comment, post their own photos and video and to feel as if we are their National Trust. All part of our vision that by 2020, everyone will feel like a member.

PS. I chickened out of using Hootesuite to type all of this post – just the first line! One step at a time…