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Cows, Pasture and Volunteers

Our trusty grass cutters

The pasture here at Prior Park is an extremely important part of the Garden, but its subtlety is often missed by the visitors. The whole area is a botanists delight, full of wild flowers and grasses. At times we have such things as Pyramidal Orchid, Bee Orchid, Ladies Bedstraw, Oxeye daisy, Hawkweed, Bird’s foot trefoil, Knapweed……….the list goes on. In order to maintain this delightful place we have to carefully graze it during the summer. This allows a lot of the flowers to flourish, by keeping the grass and nutrients down. We  use cows from a local farmer and as you can see they blend in nicely.

Volunteers also help  manage the pasture by clearing Nettles and Brambles as well as keeping on top of the Thistles by cutting the flower heads off. It is a delicate balance of keeping potentialy invasive plants down, and allowing some to grow inorder to maintain a balanced biodiversity.

Hopefully we get it right

Jasmin keeping Thistles down by 'topping' them


More sad news today I am afraid, as yet another cygnet has been taken, by what we do not know, but the others decided to go on another jaunt. This time they trotted off  into the pasture, looking for adventure I think.

Work has started on the Gothic Temple cascade. The trusty Tuesday volunteers have started investigating the feasibility of rebuilding the broken down cascade in front of the old Gothic Temple. It all looks very positive there. As do things in the pasture where our first Bee Orchid of the year has been spotted, along with a pyramidal Orchid. Lets hope the swans don’t eat them.