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Another day at the office

Some days are not as typical as others. Today was one of those. Here is a quick resume of my day, After the usual unlocking, checking of emails etc. I had a meeting with Matthew and Rob, Head Gardener and Head Ranger of Bath and South Cotswolds respectively about creating a Natural Play area in the Park. Some good ideas were bounced around, some even landed.

Then it was on to making some benches to be installed by our new path in the Wilderness. This involved sawing up the wood, and metal bolts, before bolting  parts of them together. The construction of these kits took most of the day but was in dispersed with others things, such as putting up signs to stop visitors going the wrong way by the Summerhouse and ending up sliding down the hill. Fixing a new(temporary) sign near the bird feeders, Loading up wood for our Volunteers to split into logs tomorrow. I also had to devise and write a big long list of other tasks for the volunteers to do tomorrow. Of course as with life nothing is simple and there was a multitude of other little interruptions and disruptions before I finally got the benches done. Now all we have to do is install them, but then that’s another day.

The finished Bench Kits waiting to be installed, surprising it took me so long really!

Snowdrops and a Blue tit

Just a reminder that our Snowdrops should be looking pretty good this next week, once we have got over the cold snap. They were looking a little sad in the deep frost this morning but soon perked up in the sun. The cold weather has also meant that our bird feeders have been over run with birds. In five minutes we had numerous Great and Blue tits visiting together with Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Nuthatch, Robin and Coal tits.

One of our many visitors

Snowdrops basking in the sun

Leaves, leaves, leaves

It is a non stop job at the moment dealing with the falling leaves. We had a team of 3 blowing them off the paths and grass areas nearly all day yesterday, only to find a whole new carpet has arrived this morning. Still they make the place look really great and of course it’s great fun using the blowers.
Our new bird feeders are well and truly up and running with a constant stream of visiting birds (and squirrels) to them. They definitely add colour to the whole place.

A great new addition to the Tea Kiosk area

The constant task of moving leaves this time of year

It is always good to meet followers of these pages, like I did on Wednesday in the garden at Dyrham. Any comments or feedback would be gratefully received.