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Wildlife Walk

We had another Wildlife walk this morning. Unfortunately it was a bit overcast and cool which meant  we only saw one Butterfly, a Speckled woodpecker and no Dragonflies. But we saw much evidence of Woodpecker activity in the rotten Beech by the ‘Rotten Trail’. Heard and saw a lot of Great and Blue tits and a Nuthatch down on the feeders, as well as a Raven flying over the Tea Kiosk area. But the highlight for the children, and me were 2 Common newts near the Summerhouse and this, as yet, unidentified insect (or is it a spider minus a couple of legs?). Can you help? If you know what sort it is get in touch. Thanks.

As you can see I also saw a Roe deer just before the walk.

Roe Deer just off the East Path

Anyone know what this is?


Admirals and Emperors

We had our first Wildlife walk of the summer yesterday, which unfortunately was not well attended. But at least the wildlife was still around. A Red admiral was seen up at the view point, this is the first Red Admiral I have seen in Prior Park this summer. Buzzards were again soaring around down by the Bottom Lake as were some Ravens. Also by the lake some young Chiffchaff could be seen flitting around the Willows looking for food.

But the highlight for me was a fine specimen of an Emperor Dragonfly parading up and down the Serpentine Lake enjoying the sunshine and hunting for food – A splendid creature.

Emperor Dragonfly parading the lake