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The Cascade runs phase II

The after shot

At last after all this time the new mini cascade by the site of the Gothic Temple is finally running permanently. We still have some landscaping to do but the splendid little waterfall is flowing for all to see.

Before shot of the cascade


The Cascade runs

The big news is that our rebuilding of the Mini-cascade by the Gothic Temple site is nearing completion. We had our first run of water to check for leaks etc. on Tuesday and everything ran very smoothly, so it should be up and running around Christmas time or just after.
The other news is that after a couple of months away our Swans have arrived back and taken up residence in the top lake above the bridge. The Mute swans seem to do this every year, at the end of summer they go off for a break, away from the pressures of Prior Park lake life. We don’t know where they go, maybe it’s just down the road to the river Avon.In the picture You see Rodney, John and Ron our trusty building volunteers with the cascade running at reduced flow.

Squirrels, Green woodpeckers and lofty Herons

A quick update on what has been going on for the past couple of weeks. The work in the garden has been progressing nicely. The main emphasis being on Laurel pruning, which is drawing to an end but we still have more to do even after all this time. Plus the mini cascade down by the Gothic Temple site is coming on in leaps and bounds.

Autumn is well and truly upon us with the leaves turning, the days drawing in but the grass shows no sign of slowing down. We seemed to be constantly grass cutting this summer but surely even it needs a bit of a rest.

Meanwhile our wildlife just goes about the daily business of being. The Coots and Mallards wander about and make a lot of noise, while our Mute swans have gone off for their winter break and hopefully will return in the New Year. A Grey wagtail and Green woodpecker were feeding by the lake side, both a lovely colourful sight. The Squirrels have also been very active these past couple of days scurrying about, looking for and burying conkers and acorns.

All the while the Grey herons look on imperiously from their lofty perches keeping a superior eye on things.

One of the cheeky little Squirrels we have around the Park (picture taken last year)

Steve Yabsley Records His Week

Steve Yabsley and Jim near the Bridge

We had a visit from Steve Yabsley yesterday. Steve hosts the weekday lunchtime show on Radio Bristol and came to have a look around the Park. Jim the Gardener showed him around and discussed the many splenders that can be seen. These included the Bridge (of course), lakes, wildlife, Wilderness, Cascade, Rock Gate, Serpentine Lake plus many more.

Hopefully various pieces,  about the Park will be aired sometime in early October. We will let you know exactly when they go out.

Meantime just to let you know, it’s pouring down outside, which will keep the lakes topped up at least!

New Cascade

The Tuesday volunteers have been working on clearing around the Gothic Temple for the last month. The Temple was removed to another site in the 1920’s, but we have plans to eventually replace it. In the meantime we have plans to rebuild the original cascade that went in front of the Temple verandah. The original cascade was destroyed when a large Ash tree fell down and brought half the stream bed with it. So now the long process of putting it back has begun. In the picture you can see Rodney putting the finishing touches to the dam we have built to divert the stream from where we need to work.
Keep watching this space for further updates on the New Cascade.

Rodney pounding the dam


More sad news today I am afraid, as yet another cygnet has been taken, by what we do not know, but the others decided to go on another jaunt. This time they trotted off  into the pasture, looking for adventure I think.

Work has started on the Gothic Temple cascade. The trusty Tuesday volunteers have started investigating the feasibility of rebuilding the broken down cascade in front of the old Gothic Temple. It all looks very positive there. As do things in the pasture where our first Bee Orchid of the year has been spotted, along with a pyramidal Orchid. Lets hope the swans don’t eat them.