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The Ice House has a new path

Kirsty and Frank laying the new chippingsThe new path in all its glory

Every cloud has a silver lining  as they say. With all these trees we had to remove recently we have produced a large amount of very good wood chippings. This is used as a dressing on some of our woodland paths around the park. The splendid Thursday volunteers and myself spent the day widening and resurfacing the path to the Ice House. A very pleasant and satisfying task, and well worth it as you can see.

The Ice-house

Our Ice-house near the bottom lake has had a varied history. It was used at first as you would imagine as an Ice-house, keeping food for the house cool and fresh. This was done by taking ice from the lake in winter and packing it with straw which insulated it. This was then put in the Ice-house, in there it kept if frozen for a remarkably long time.

The second part of its history was during the Second World War were it was used as an ammunition and arms dump. In the event of an invasion by the enemy, the equivalent of the ‘Dad’s Army SAS’ would hide themselves in the Ice-house and cause maximum havoc for as long as they could.

The actual chamber can be seen much clearer now we have installed a new, rather splendid, Solar powered lighting system.

You can learn more about the whole history on an interpretation board near by.

The new solar powered lighting in the Ice-house