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Last week I told you about our Champion tree. A Champion tree is one that is either the tallest of its species or largest in girth. Ours is a Norway Maple  Acer platanoides and stands at the dizzy height of 36 metres, beating the previous record tree, which can be found in Scotland,  by a good couple of metres.

The Tallest Norway Maple in the land, and it can be found here at Prior Park

Big Bird Day

Don’t forget tomorrow, Wednesday 15th February, is our big bird day. Come and see and learn about the birds we have at Prior Park. You will be able to walk around the park with members of the RSPB spotting a wide variety of birds and other wildlife. Also why not adopt one of our many a nesting boxes around the gardens. While you are at it,

One of the many birds you might see here on Wednesday

you will be able to see our newly crowned champion tree, a Norway Maple that is now officially the tallest Norway Maple in the country.

The Great Big Tree Climb

What a lovely day it is, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the cows are mooing and everyone is climbing our trees. The Great Big Tree Climbing Co. are in the park giving everyone a chance to climb one of our very big Norway Maples and once they have got up to the top they can slide down the zip wire. All great fun, at least it looks it, I haven’t had a go – yet! I’ll tell you how I get on when I do.  As from tomorrow (weather permitting) we are also going to have a big swing  – or  a Leap of Faith as

Another happy visitor zipping back down to earth

The Great Big Tree Climbing Co call it. It will cost you £12.50 to do every thing come and have a go if you are brave enough.

Everyone swarming all over the tree