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The nearly Yellow Stone Road

For the past few days our volunteers and friendly contractor Barry have been resurfacing a section of path, running from the Rock gate and onwards towards the Palladian Bridge. This looks, I am sure you will agree, rather splendid, if not ever so slightly new and shiny. Eventually all the park paths will be redone in this South Cerney stone, making for a more pleasant walk, we hope!

The Yellow stone road

The resurfaced steps

Bridge of highs

Here is a great picture of the Palladian bridge taken from a really unusual perspective. It was taken by Stuart one of the tree surgeons working in the garden, while he was at the top of an Sycamore tree we had to remove for safety reasons. A unique shot I think you’ll agree.

The Palladian Bridge taken from the top of a Sycamore © Stuart Roberts

Pinhole wizard

The Pinhole image of the Palladian Bridge

For the past six months we have had half a dozen or so Pinhole cameras scattered around the park. These have been put in place by a good man called Nigel Goldsmith. He has been making and experimenting with Pinhole cameras for a while now. Each camera has had a 6 month exposure, resulting in  very interesting images. You can see by our examples the sun streaking across the sky on sunny days and the rather ghostly images of the Palladian Bridge in one and House in the other. Unfortunately water got into the one of the bridge, resulting in streaking across the front, this is a learning curve for Nigel who says he will now try and water proof the pinhole for future shots.

If you are interested in more please go to

Here you can see the Mansion with the sun streaking across

Picture of the day – Golden lime and Palladian Bridge

Steve Yabsley Records His Week

Steve Yabsley and Jim near the Bridge

We had a visit from Steve Yabsley yesterday. Steve hosts the weekday lunchtime show on Radio Bristol and came to have a look around the Park. Jim the Gardener showed him around and discussed the many splenders that can be seen. These included the Bridge (of course), lakes, wildlife, Wilderness, Cascade, Rock Gate, Serpentine Lake plus many more.

Hopefully various pieces,  about the Park will be aired sometime in early October. We will let you know exactly when they go out.

Meantime just to let you know, it’s pouring down outside, which will keep the lakes topped up at least!

Facebook and Twitter

We are now on Facebook and Twitter! Hopefully they will allow us to share regular updates, events, photos and video by complimenting our blog and further involving people with all our Bath places including the Skyline walk and Assembly Rooms. We follow in the cyber footsteps of not only Heelis, our Head Office in Swindon but also other National Trust places like Tyntesfield, Jurrasic Coast, Dartmoor, Ickworth and Stowe Landscape Gardens – home to our Palladian Bridge’s older twin (by 11 years!). Take a look and perhaps like and/or follow us.

Rain and Kingfishers

Once again the weather is playing havoc with our work schedule, but at least we were able to get out and cut the grass. We were rather hampered by our wildfowl blocking the way of the mowers. They had  all decided to lie around rather casually on the grass we had to cut, and  were very reluctant to move, even for our tractor mower. This meant that I had to initially move to a different area.  Even the cygnets were getting in the way,  sitting down while grazing on the grass, not sure why we were cutting, as they were eating it for us!

The weather did turn very dark and gloomy this afternoon. Some times this is the best time to see Prior Park with really dark clouds as a backdrop to the Palladian Bridge and perhaps the electric blue of  a kingfisher as it flies past, on what always seems a very determined mission. They can and do lighten any dark day.

A Kingfisher seen earlier waiting for the right fish to come along

Wandering Cygnets

This blog is rapidly becoming the Cygnets show. They seem to have gone crazy, if not a  little bit naughty, this past 24 hours. By 5 pm yesterday they were spread all over the park, with one rescued by girls from our neighbours, Prior Park College, another rescued by the same girls and Matthew the Head gardener in the pasture above the Palladian Bridge, and the rest were spread about the bottom lakes. But now as I write they are all together (7 of them) floating serenely (sort of) on the lakes by the bridge. Probably hatching another jaunt!