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Steve Yabsley Records His Week

Steve Yabsley and Jim near the Bridge

We had a visit from Steve Yabsley yesterday. Steve hosts the weekday lunchtime show on Radio Bristol and came to have a look around the Park. Jim the Gardener showed him around and discussed the many splenders that can be seen. These included the Bridge (of course), lakes, wildlife, Wilderness, Cascade, Rock Gate, Serpentine Lake plus many more.

Hopefully various pieces,  about the Park will be aired sometime in early October. We will let you know exactly when they go out.

Meantime just to let you know, it’s pouring down outside, which will keep the lakes topped up at least!


Serpentine Weed

The Serpentine Lake in the Wilderness at the top of the park is a delightful looking lake, most of the time. But during the summer we get an awful lot of Blanket Weed covering the whole of the surface. It then takes a whole day for 3 people to clear the weed and dispose of it, and if it is hot and sunny we will have to do it again in 2 to 3 weeks time. The weed is taken out and left to dry on the side of the lake to allow the various creatures to escape back into the water. It is then transported down and put on our compost. It’s a more pleasant job than it sounds.

The Serpentine minus some of its Blanket weed

Admirals and Emperors

We had our first Wildlife walk of the summer yesterday, which unfortunately was not well attended. But at least the wildlife was still around. A Red admiral was seen up at the view point, this is the first Red Admiral I have seen in Prior Park this summer. Buzzards were again soaring around down by the Bottom Lake as were some Ravens. Also by the lake some young Chiffchaff could be seen flitting around the Willows looking for food.

But the highlight for me was a fine specimen of an Emperor Dragonfly parading up and down the Serpentine Lake enjoying the sunshine and hunting for food – A splendid creature.

Emperor Dragonfly parading the lake