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Easter Eggs

This week was all about Easter eggs. All week the Skyline team were painting and decorating some egg-shaped blocks of wood, which were kindly cut up by Ranger Rob Holden. These ‘eggs’ were then covered in a white base coat before being decorated by the artistic minds of the volunteers. That being said, I’m sure there is more paint on them then there are on the eggs!


On Thursday, these masterpieces were hidden among the trees for all of you lot to find for Easter. As well as these, there is an extra special egg waiting to be found when you arrive at the quarry mid-way through the wood. The assembly process for this definitely had us in giggles!


Remember to go look out for them over Easter, starting Monday 25th through to April 7th. I’m sure you will have as much fun looking for them as we did making them!

Crazy Weather/Richens Orchard

So after this week, I think it’s safe to say that Bath has experienced pretty much all the seasons in the space of 4 days. Freezing cold gales and rain one day to hot summer sunshine the next. We even had some flurries of snow and sleet on Wednesday! Hard to believe it’s actually March, isn’t it?

Well despite this crazy weather, the team up at the Skyline were out making the best of the hotter days by having a group session down in Richens Orchard (at the bottom of Bathwick fields).

Richens Orchard 008    Richens Orchard 011

The day was spent mainly raking, as the grass had been mowed earlier in the week to keep it from becoming overgrown. The remaining few hours were spent removing an old fence and creating habitat piles and log piles in the neighbouring wood. I’m sure we made some small invertebrates very happy!

With the 4 Skyline volunteers and 2 additional Richens Orchard volunteers (and a lovely blonde Lab named Barley!), it became a great day with a lot of work done. Hopefully we can have more days like this, especially the sun!

Den Building

The week of half-term meant the people of Bath could celebrate, and the Rangers at Bath Skyline were more than happy to help by hosting an excellent day building dens over in Larch Wood. Camped out in a small quarry, members of the public came with their children and enjoyed a day of making a variety of lovely dens out of branches, trees, logs, leaves and hay. From giant structures with log furniture to lean-to’s thatched with hay; the kids of Bath busied themselves becoming budding builders with the help of their friends, family and, of course, the overly excitable National Trust volunteers!

Great thanks has to been given to Emma Jones, a Prior Park volunteer, who not only joined in and brought a bunch of willing den builders with her, also entertained the kids later in the afternoon with the telling of a brilliant story. Involving a group of mischievous elves and one rather grumpy, smelly troll, the kids were not short of laughs (and suggestions!)

If you do happen to be walking that way anytime soon, do check these amazing dens out for yourself. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

The Volunteers have coffee, cake and brief

From this Wednesday 1st of February we will be open 7 days a week from 10am onwards until next November. With this in mind the Volunteers had a meeting to find out what has been happening, and what will happen around the Skyline and in the Park. Luckily the meeting coincided with it snowing outside so most people were glad of the excuse to be indoors, eating cake, drinking coffee…..oh and discussing what’s happening in and around the Bath properties.

The volunteers get together to discuss affairs of state

The Outdoor Volunteers’ Big Outing

Every year we try and give the volunteers from all our sites, not just Prior Park, a bit of a thank you outing. Normally it is to exotic places far afield. This year has been slightly different as we took them on the Bath Skyline, our very own doorstep.

We had a good turnout of over 30 people all meeting near the American Museum in Bath. After a brief coffee and introductions everyone dutifully followed Matthew as he gave us a guided tour of part of the Skyline walk, including interesting facts about how it used to be a racecourse, a centre for quarrying and a pioneer in moving stone on a railway track.

This was followed by a splendid lunch in which everyone was heartily fed. As usual, it started to rain so onward to the American Museum, what a splendid place it is, full of mock ups of various rooms and periods from all over America, give it a go!

The team photo taken before we set off. Matthew explaining about the stone mines to be found in various places on the Skyline walk

Butterflies and Sunshine

Having just got back from my holidays, where we had cool rainy weather, I returned back to Prior Park in glorious sunshine. The Butterflies seem to be out in force in the pasture and nearby Skyline. In particular we have a lot of Meadow Browns and Ringlets flying around making the most of the sun. Our remaining Cygnets (4) seem to be getting on fine and hopefully they are not effected by the suspected parasite that got to the others.
Meanwhile the rest of the Park looks jolly splendid; the volunteers have been working hard in my absence. The 18th century Shrubbery we have at the bottom of the park is just coming into its own, with the Hydrangea looking especially delicate.
It all looks just right for our ‘Capture the day’ photo competition that we are holding this Saturday the 2nd of July. Come along and have a look for yourself.