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Oh! the mundaneness of it all

Whenever I write one of these blogs it always seems to be about the more interesting things that go on throughout the Garden. Today I thought I would champion the ordinary. So much of the work that goes on in  the  Park is everyday sort of stuff, grass cutting, pruning, clearing, raking, picking up litter, moving things from one place to another. And of course there is weeding, from now on for the next six months or so we will be weeding and strimming almost constantly. Luckily we have very dedicated volunteers who are very willing to spend all day pulling out nettles, brambles, goose grass, buttercups, bind weed…….it’s none stop.

So I would like to thank Michelle, Ron, John and Martin (who has come all the way from France to help us out, more about him in later blogs), who have spent the day making the garden look as good as it does.

Ron and Martin doing some vital weeding

John and Michelle doing equally important wood splitting

On another note we have had Tree surgeons in again today making safe some unsafe trees, so thanks to them as well!

Bridge of highs

Here is a great picture of the Palladian bridge taken from a really unusual perspective. It was taken by Stuart one of the tree surgeons working in the garden, while he was at the top of an Sycamore tree we had to remove for safety reasons. A unique shot I think you’ll agree.

The Palladian Bridge taken from the top of a Sycamore © Stuart Roberts

Tree fellers

This is the same Poplar being dismantled by the expert team of Tree Surgeons

Occasionally and rather sadly we have to fell some of our trees. This is mostly because they are damaged, old, decayed or just plain dangerous. We have just had a round of work done on some of our suspect trees which, thanks to Stuart and his Greenman team of Tree surgeons are now down safely. We will now spend the next couple of weeks tidying the trees up and using a lot of the timber and chipping’s

Here you can see one of the Poplars with a very dangerous split which appeared after the high winds we had recently

around the Park. Thanks to Greenman for all their help. You can contact them via their website