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Natural Play

We have been busy at work today, starting to create a Natural Play area down near the Bottom Lake and adjacent to the Tea kiosk. We hope this will fire the imaginations of  our young visiters, and also be a great deal of fun. This is only phase one of a few improvements to  a small area of woodland, which we hope will give a great deal of enjoyment to children and grown ups to. I will tell you more as things progress. But to be going on with here are a few pictures of what we have done so far.

This is the Willow tunnel entrance to our new Natural Play area

These are the Poplars we had to bring down six months ago, now we have linked them together to form……..well use your imagination!

Rain, Rain and plenty of birds

The interpretation near the bird feeders

It seems to have rained hard all day. This can be immensely frustrating when there are plenty of things to do outside. Sometimes though it is counter productive mucking about in the mud! So with that in mind I spent the day indoors updating our Bird guide posters that we have around the Tea Kiosk area. These are used to inform the visitors of the birds they are likely to see while sitting drinking their coffee. We hope sometime soon to improve the interpretation around the cafe area and these will be central to that.

The panel overlooking the lakes

The Volunteers have coffee, cake and brief

From this Wednesday 1st of February we will be open 7 days a week from 10am onwards until next November. With this in mind the Volunteers had a meeting to find out what has been happening, and what will happen around the Skyline and in the Park. Luckily the meeting coincided with it snowing outside so most people were glad of the excuse to be indoors, eating cake, drinking coffee…..oh and discussing what’s happening in and around the Bath properties.

The volunteers get together to discuss affairs of state

Bird boxes

On Wednesday 15th of February we are having a Bird day with the RSPB in attendance. Visitors will be able to adopt a nesting box, and thereafter be able to keep an eye out for nesting birds in their own box. I have been spending the day making boxes of various sizes and types so that we can place them around the park next week. I will keep you informed on how many are occupied in the coming months.

Various types of bird boxes in the process of being made.


Snowdrops are a splendid sign of the Spring to come. With the very mild winter we have had so far our Snowdrops are already showing well. We have been gradually expanding and improving our display by the process of splitting bulbs and planting new plants. This was mostly done by visitors last year and already a lot of the new bulbs are in flower. They really are a worthwhile sight and should be at their peak in a week or so. I will keep you informed

Spring is coming early this year!

Hootsuite and Getting Social Online

Today I’ve been busy ‘geekily’ trying out Hootsuite for updating our (relatively new) Twitter feed, Facebook page and this blog… Nail biting stuff!

Since establishing them in July we have so far reached 137 ‘followers’ on Twitter and 25 ‘likes’ on Facebook which isn’t bad for a comparatively small and lesser visited National Trust property, albeit one sited on the outskirts of Bath. The Garden’s green transport policy (with no space for an on-site car park) combined with the long uphill climb up to our entrance on Ralph Allen Drive, can pose a bit of a challenge!

Twitter feed for Prior Park and Bath's NT places

Facebook - 25 'likes' and counting!

Whilst the figures for people taking an interest in our online presence may seem small, they are not a concern. We want to use them to help engage and involve the public, visitors and local community in the National Trust’s work in Bath: Bringing to life Prior Park Landscape Garden, getting outdoors on the Skyline Walk and experiencing the Assembly Rooms (managed by Bath & North East Somerset’s Heritage Services Dept.).

Follower numbers, however small, mean this is slowly starting to happen. An interaction with our Bath places, even indirectly via our new online presence, all help them to have a greater relevance in modern life. Having just read this post is hopefully indicative of this.

For us the mission is to widen the scope and possibilities for this interaction by involvement and encouraging visitors to comment, post their own photos and video and to feel as if we are their National Trust. All part of our vision that by 2020, everyone will feel like a member.

PS. I chickened out of using Hootesuite to type all of this post – just the first line! One step at a time…