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Another day at the office

Some days are not as typical as others. Today was one of those. Here is a quick resume of my day, After the usual unlocking, checking of emails etc. I had a meeting with Matthew and Rob, Head Gardener and Head Ranger of Bath and South Cotswolds respectively about creating a Natural Play area in the Park. Some good ideas were bounced around, some even landed.

Then it was on to making some benches to be installed by our new path in the Wilderness. This involved sawing up the wood, and metal bolts, before bolting  parts of them together. The construction of these kits took most of the day but was in dispersed with others things, such as putting up signs to stop visitors going the wrong way by the Summerhouse and ending up sliding down the hill. Fixing a new(temporary) sign near the bird feeders, Loading up wood for our Volunteers to split into logs tomorrow. I also had to devise and write a big long list of other tasks for the volunteers to do tomorrow. Of course as with life nothing is simple and there was a multitude of other little interruptions and disruptions before I finally got the benches done. Now all we have to do is install them, but then that’s another day.

The finished Bench Kits waiting to be installed, surprising it took me so long really!


Cascade landscaping

One of the final pieces of our New cascade jigsaw have been put into place. Barry, our man with a digger, has done a brilliant job of landscaping the area around our New Gothic Temple Cascade. With in minutes he magically transformed the area from a building site to a great landscape. Now all we need is the Gothic Temple back! The new path to the Gothic Temple site should be complete within a week. It’s worth a visit.

By the way, if you are in the area tomorrow (Thursday 15 March) come along and help plant some Snowdrops, the more the merrier.

The Cascade area before the landscaping

The area after Barry had done his magic

Steve Yabsley Records His Week

Steve Yabsley and Jim near the Bridge

We had a visit from Steve Yabsley yesterday. Steve hosts the weekday lunchtime show on Radio Bristol and came to have a look around the Park. Jim the Gardener showed him around and discussed the many splenders that can be seen. These included the Bridge (of course), lakes, wildlife, Wilderness, Cascade, Rock Gate, Serpentine Lake plus many more.

Hopefully various pieces,  about the Park will be aired sometime in early October. We will let you know exactly when they go out.

Meantime just to let you know, it’s pouring down outside, which will keep the lakes topped up at least!

Den Building

Today was our den building event and what a splendid event it was. Up to 30 children of all ages, along with parents and grandparents (of all ages!) running around the Wilderness building fantastic dens,

Enjoying the fruits of their labours

out of Hazel, Lime and Laurel cuttings. Great imagination was used in the construction, and great fun was had in the constructions. But it was a great relief that we had good weather because I am not sure the dens would have stood up to much rain. After the building came the equally exciting bit of playing and eating in them. The dens will now remain up for the rest of the summer for the ‘owners’ to come back and play in them. Come and have a look for yourselves.

Builders at work

Another great den

One of the many dens at Prior Park

Serpentine Weed

The Serpentine Lake in the Wilderness at the top of the park is a delightful looking lake, most of the time. But during the summer we get an awful lot of Blanket Weed covering the whole of the surface. It then takes a whole day for 3 people to clear the weed and dispose of it, and if it is hot and sunny we will have to do it again in 2 to 3 weeks time. The weed is taken out and left to dry on the side of the lake to allow the various creatures to escape back into the water. It is then transported down and put on our compost. It’s a more pleasant job than it sounds.

The Serpentine minus some of its Blanket weed


Fridays is cutting the grass day. We have a number of areas of grass that need regular mowing, mostly down by the bottom lakes, but also in the Wilderness, on the view point,  and in the Summerhouse glade. We utilise many different methods of dealing with the grass, mowing with one of our little tractors, small mowers and strimming.

Here you see Leigh one of our Friday volunteers strimming the banks of the bottom lake and Bob on the mower. The local wildlife seemingly ignore all the noise and commotion that we create and just get on with the job of feeding or hanging about. I was on the tractor this morning mowing very close to the Mute Swans who would leave it to the very last minute before they deemed to move away and let me get on with the job. You have to admire their pluck.

Leigh strimming by the lake