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Ibti’s Blog

Here is the third and final Blog from our Work Experience young people.

Ibti’s Blog

Having work experience at National Trust Prior Park landscape garden is wonderful because of the attractions and lovely wildlife. Because of the sunshine it made my week a lot better and when you start you will meet nice and kind people who will help you gain the experience that you will need. the things you will do is enhance your skills to talk to the visitors and give them information about the place at the reception. the most enjoyable work you will do is the Gardening (Planting snowdrops), the most creative  job is making a trail for the visitors to enjoy. Photography is a main thing in work experience and the lovely flowers (Snakehead Lily) and the animals like Mute swan and the Kingfisher. this is the most helpful experience of what work is like and I enjoyed every bit of it. I would like to thank Jim, Katy, Emma and the rest of the team for letting me be here,i would recommend this as a work experience Placement.

Tom’s Blog

Here is the Blog from the second of our Work experience students, Tom.

Throughout this week of working with the National trust at Prior Park Landscape Gardens it has been a brilliant experience of a working environment for me. The people working at Prior Park Landscape Gardens have been so friendly and welcoming during my time here. On the first day of coming here i was very nervous about my first day of work experience, but as soon as i walked in the door of the main area of where I was working i didn’t feel nervous at all as everyone was so friendly.

Another thing I have loved is working on a premises with such beautiful surroundings. Working here at Prior Park  has made me realize what beautiful landscape Bath offers. Standing at the top of the Prior Park site it offers a view showing all the high hills surrounding the valley of Bath. I have thoroughly enjoyed working outside in an environment which is so pretty. I am very thankful for my week of working here and will hopefully some time soon in the future help out with the National T

The Serpentine Lake, picture by Tom

rust again.


My National Trust badge.

Will’s Blog

For the past week we have had 3 young people from Beechen Cliff School doing work experience. We have been very grateful for their contribution to the gardens.

As part of their work I have asked them to do a blog. Here is Will’s.

The Prior Park National Trust Gardens are an amazing place full of wildlife and friendly people, and thanks to the weather my time here has been even more enjoyable. I am very pleased and happy that I chose this job for my work experience (and I know that my other colleagues (Ibti and Tom) will agree with me). This experience has improved my gardening skills and has given me a basic insight into what it is like to work for someone and for my employer to put trust in me to get jobs done around the garden (e.g pruning willows and planting snowdrops). Furthermore, working at Prior Park has helped me talk to people I do not know (visitors of the park) and to work alongside adults and to be treated as one. I would definitely recommend anyone to have a go at volunteering at Prior Park or to do work experience here as it is a fantastic opportunity and you feel great at the end of the day because you know you have kept a National Trust Garden in good condition and have made the garden more enjoyable for the public. Finally, I would like to say thank you to Jim and the team for allowing me to work here and for giving me a really fantastic experience and I hope that Jim will allow me to work here again in the future as this week has been really good fun.

Finally, my favourite part of the week was going out on the boat with Jim and one of the volunteers and rescuing the Mute Swan egg. I have never done anything like this before and I felt really good after I had done it.